Nancy Hamm’s Letters of Praise

These letters are from satisfied, happy parents who Nancy Hamm has helped with the care of their baby(ies). The phone numbers are not included, however if you are interested in Nancy’s services she would be happy to forward you the contact information. 

March 2017

To Parents Considering Engaging Nancy Hamm:

Nancy Hamm is a godsend. My husband and I recommend her newborn care services and are extremely grateful for her help and sense of humor. No matter how prepared you may be for your family’s latest addition, Nancy brings rhythm and reason to help you adjust to things you had anticipated and the inevitable game changers. She has sensible, credible answers to your most baffling questions. She provides those answers with such ease and confidence that you start to relax and focus on enjoying your new little one.

Our beautiful daughter joined the world four days early. Nonetheless, we asked Nancy to come to our home on the previously planned day. We wanted to use those extra few days before she arrived to try this “parenting” thing and were quietly quite smug in our certainty that we would bond with our baby, that understanding her needs would be pretty intuitive.


When Nancy arrived at our home, we had not really slept since our daughter’s birth. On the nightstand, we had a stack of how-to books about parenting and I’d saved to our computer dozens of baby savvy articles. We had already realized none of that content is useful when one of the two people you love most in the world is wailing inconsolably. The articles about how to understand your baby’s needs by her type of crying seemed ridiculous.

Nancy cut through all of our exhaustion and emotionality and got us onto a tidy schedule immediately. She answered all of our questions with a smile. When a leak forced us out of our house for a number of weeks and we had to relocate to a relative’s house down the street, she rolled with it for the remainder of her stay with us and was unfailingly composed and professional.

In the time since our engagement with her concluded, she has answered a number of our more nuanced questions to help us remain disciplined, but adapt the routine as appropriate for our family. Nancy’s guidance and friendship have been indispensable these last few months. Again, we emphatically recommend her and wish you great happiness as you get to know your baby.


Paige Anderson

December 2017

The best money we spent as new parents was on the services of Nancy Hamm.  When my husband and I found out we were having twins, we knew we would need help. Nancy not only helped us get through the first three months of new parenthood (without going crazy!), but she also gave us the knowledge and skills to be more confident and competent parents. We had a lot of questions and she was always available to answer them. Putting newborn babies on a schedule was not something that I would have thought possible, but it is and it has made our lives so much more manageable. Our babies are now 3 months old and they sleep through the night. They are happy babies and we are happy, well-rested parents. We would highly recommend Nancy to any new parent!


Dr. Laura and Dr. Tim Raissian

February 10, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

From the beginning of our pregnancy my husband and I knew that establishing healthy sleep habits for the baby was one of our top priorities. I met with Nancy after a recommendation and was impressed with her immediately. She made it clear that one of her missions is to equip parents with the skills to be confident and capable when caring for their baby, which she did. That definitely alleviated some of the anxiety we had as first time parents.

Throughout the pregnancy Nancy was available to us and gave advice and recommendations for setting up our nursery, products to buy and even advice about supplements I was taking and how that might affect the baby. She is very knowledgeable and will advise without passing judgment.

Nancy was with us for two days around the clock when we first arrived home and then transitioned into nights only. In the first two days she helped us not only learn best techniques concerning how to care for the baby (bathing, swaddling, etc.), but assisted us in establishing a schedule that worked for us. I wanted to be involved in the overnight feeding and training of our daughter so we had Nancy three nights a week for three month. During this time, Nancy worked diligently to help our baby learn how to sleep through the night, which was accomplished by the end of our time with her. The baby learned to sleep long stretches and my husband and I were also able to get a good night’s sleep on the nights Nancy was with us.

Not only is Nancy an expert at what she does, she is also very trustworthy and we felt very much at ease having her in our home and working with our daughter. We only hope she is available to work with us again if we should be so lucky as to have another baby!

Sincerely, Ryan and Valerie McDonough

March 2016

Hiring Nancy Hamm was by far the best decision my husband and I could have made when we found out we were having twins.

I had to have a C-section and my recovery was pretty rough.  We were home two nights when Nancy started her contract.  We were over tired and I was extremely sore.  Getting out of bed was a chore, let alone tending to babies and nursing.  Nancy came right in and made me feel at ease and reassured me that everything I was experiencing was completely normal.

There were two reasons my husband and I chose to hire Nancy.

1) I wanted to be rested so that during the day I could enjoy my babies.  I didn’t want to just be in a fog the whole time.

2) I wanted my babies on a schedule and sleeping through the night as soon as possible.   Nancy accomplished this in her 3 month contract.

When I told my friends and family that my babies were sleeping through the night by 3 months they couldn’t believe it!  Our babies are so amazing and happy and I know a big part of that is they get enough sleep.  We are able to have so much fun with them because we get enough sleep.

At 4 months old we flew with our twins to Florida for a week and they stayed right on schedule, no problem!

If at any time I had doubts or questions, Nancy was there to help!  She also came early a few times and allowed us a couple date nights!

I feel like a more capable mother because of what I learned from Nancy.  It was great having a resource to go to that knew us and knew our babies and wasn’t just a website.  I respect the fact that Nancy is continually learning and educating herself to be better.  You don’t always find that in someone who has been in their profession for as long as she has.

I highly recommend working with Nancy!

Sincerely,  Graham and Ruby DeLaet

January 2015
To Whom it may concern,
There can’t be enough kind words to describe Nancy Hamm.  All I can say is that she truly is worth her weight in gold.
As first time parents filled with anxiety and uncertainty Nancy made our transition into parenthood an easy one.  We hired Nancy for 3 weeks round the clock, and 2 weeks of nights only.
I can tell you having Nancy by our side to guide and support us was ABSOLUTELY  the right choice.  She taught us everything from how to swaddle, give our son a bath, dress our son who seemed so fragile to the touch, and most important how to care for a newborn.  Her tips and tricks on how to care for and soothe baby leads me to believe she is the baby whisperer.
From day one we put our son on a schedule.  Consistency is the key she told us, and we have been following the routine everyday for the past six weeks, which in turn equals a happy baby and happy parents.
Plain and simple Nancy is an expert in caring for newborns.  She is warm, friendly, and a person you can trust with your child.  We can’t wait to have a second baby just so we can hire her again.  That’s how strongly we feel about Nancy and beneficial her time was with us.
Sincerely,   Jamie and Babak Motamedi
November 27, 2014
To whom it may concern,
We hope this will serve as a helpful letter of recommendation for Nancy Hamm, our nighttime newborn care specialist. From the moment we met Nancy, we felt an overwhelming feeling of trust in her abilities and knowledge when it came to caring for our baby girl. We hired her on the spot and can say it has proven to be one of the best parenting decisions we have made to date. She has the perfect balance of sharpness, experience and kindness that we had been looking for, and we came to really appreciate this as new parents with many questions and needs. In addition to caring for our baby, Nancy made herself available and really took a personal interest in helping us work through our struggles with postpartum depression. She provided great encouragement and would often come to the house early to spend time to help us care for the baby when we needed her outside of normal hours. When we hired Nancy, our daughter was feeding three times a night at 2 weeks old, much like other babies her age. With Nancy’s guidance, 4 weeks later (!!) our daughter was sleeping happily through the night, from 7-7. Never, throughout the whole process of Nancy working with our daughter, were we ever uncomfortable with any of her guidance. She was always very conscious of our baby’s health factors (weight, feeding habits, etc.) that are critical for sleep training. In fact, not only did Nancy achieve great results for us at night, but much of her advice has shaped the way that we will parent and care for our baby going forward. She has even helped to put our daughter on a schedule during the day to complement the nighttime sleep training. Again, as first time parents, listening to her guidance and applying it day and night has proven to be priceless. Before we had our baby, we never thought we needed to hire a night nurse. After going through it, we are so glad we did. We give Nancy our highest recommendation and would certainly hire her again.
Sincerely,Kristy and Scott Langley
April 2014 – Phone Sleep Consultation
There is a reason you are called an expert. You certainly have earned the title. Lilly slept through the 11 and 3 visiting (awake and talking) hours. She did wake up at 5:30, but we are having a heat wave and it had already begun to get hot in our house. So I can’t blame her for that. Can’t wait for tonight’s sleep.
UPDATE:  Lilly is going to sleep at 7:20pm and waking at 6:00 am.  She sleeps through the night and her imaginary friends wait until morning to keep her occupied.  I am a VERY happy mother. I am so grateful for your help.  Thank you.  Your advice is invaluable.
January 2014 –  Phone  Sleep Consultation
Cade is doing amazing over the last few days. He is sleeping longer during nap times (some of the time) and learning to soothe himself.  The nights are getting better and Thursday night he went 12 hours without crying.   He would wake up and put himself back to sleep.
Thank you again for all your help!!
April 2013 – Phone  Sleep Consultation
Nancy you are a Godsend. Thank you for your help and advice earlier. I felt like the world had been lifted off me, literally! My anxiety has been becoming almost too unbearable and your answers took it away immediately!
February 2013
To Whom It May Concern,   Malibu, CA and Chicago ILL
Nancy Hamm was our newborn care consultant for our twins for two months. She came into our lives two and a half weeks after our twins were born and stayed until they were eleven and a half weeks old. She is absolutely incredible!!! Here’s a little background information. Our twins were five weeks premature and stayed in the NICU for 10 days. Nancy came to live with us and worked around the clock.
We are first time parents and learned a great deal from Nancy. We are big on having a schedule and sticking to it since we have two babies to care for. Nancy maintained our schedule as well as taught us how to easily feed both babies at once. Nancy helped us deal with our son’s reflux by creating a reflux nest for him in his crib. Any question we had or issue we faced Nancy was right there to help us. When our twins were seven weeks old there was a death in the family and we all went to Chicago for what was supposed to be a week. We made a quick decision to move from San Diego to Chicago, and Nancy was right there to support us in every way possible. She even had both of our children sleeping through the night by time she left!
We cannot begin to describe how helpful Nancy was during the first few months of our babies’ lives. We highly recommend Nancy Hamm!!
Joanna & Robbie Bennett
January 2013 (Phone  Sleep Consultation)
I wanted to write you to thank you for your help a month or so ago with Emi, my toddler.  My life has improved tremendously.
This week has been tougher because she’s sick, but I wanted to let you know that each day I am thankful for your advice and support.  Now I am done as a parent (almost all the time) at 7pm instead of her getting up and being put down again until 10pm.  I’m happier, she’s happier and life is better for everyone.
Thanks, Joanna
January 2013 Phone Sleep Consultation
I contacted Nancy out of desperation one night after our three month old daughter had not slept in weeks. Our old method of rocking her and putting her into her crib no longer worked, she woke right up and would cry for hours, yes hours.
Nancy quickly responded and said she could help, and walked me through a plan on how we were going to get our baby sleeping again. She was honest, it wasn’t going to be easy, my husband and I needed to be consistent, and if we were then things would get better. I had tons of questions in the beginning and Nancy was always an email or phone call away to reassure me that we were doing great, or to give a helpful suggestion.
Well things instantly changed, our daughter started sleeping and napping right away. The second night she slept 11 hours straight, I actually  had to wake our daughter up!
Nancy is amazing, I would recommend her to anyone who is having sleep issues, or who would like to prevent sleep issues and start their baby off on the right path to sleep. My husband and I feel like people again. My only  regret is that I did not find her sooner.
Thank you!
Caitlin, Mike and Emma
December 2012 Phoenix, AZ   To Whom It May Concern:  Phoenix, AZ   We hired Nancy Hamm for eight weeks after the birth of our first child. To say this was the best money we ever spent would be an understatement. Nancy is a master at her craft. From feeding techniques to sleep training, she is truly terrific. People look at us with a sense of bewilderment when we tell them how long our child sleeps at night.   Aside from her skills as a natal care specialist, Nancy is also a wonderful person. She exudes professionalism and always had our son’s best interest at heart. We recommend Nancy, without reservation. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions you may have.   Sincerely, Brian & Shari
Sept 2012  Phone  Sleep Consultation
Nancy Hamm was a great help to my family and I encourage all parents struggling with infant sleep issues to use her as a resource.  My three week old son refused to sleep unless held up by my husband or myself.  Needless to say, this made for many sleepless nights for the two of us.  This was also impacting our three year old daughter, who could not understand why I was so exhausted during the day and unable to play with her without having my son in my arms.  She was starting to resent her baby brother.
I called up Nancy in sheer desperation, hoping to find a solution to my problem.  Nancy spent almost 2 hours giving me a fool-proof method for transitioning my son into his crib.  The next morning, I implemented her strategy and was amazed at how quickly it worked.  By that evening, my son was in his crib and was only waking up for normal feedings.
I am eternally grateful to Nancy for bringing balance back to my life.  I can now fully enjoy both of my children.
Thanks Nancy!
Sarah L. Rosen
Dallas, Texas
August 2012  Phoenix AZ
Thank you so much for all you have brought to our family.  You are an amazing woman. I am so glad to have worked with you and been able learn so many things which have changed our world and made it a better place.
Lisa Ann

June 2012  Phone Sleep Consultation
Loving Parents,
Words can not describe what an asset Nancy Hamm was to our family. Her wisdom and advice made the anxiety of this first time mom bearable. Nancy took the time to get to know our family and our routine. Her suggestions and insight were invaluable. I am extremely grateful that Nancy made herself available to help me move through the most difficult, yet rewarding first months of motherhood. I am especially thankful for her expedient responses, many of which came before the sun had even risen. I am a more confident and “consistent” parent thanks to Nancy.
Nancy Hamm is not only the Infant Sleep Whisper, she is also the New Parent Whisper.  Making Nancy a part of your newborn’s life is the first step in becoming a great parent.  We are forever grateful for all her support and expertise.Sincerely,
The Paesano Family
22 May, 2012  (Pacific Palisades, CA)
To Whom It May Concern,
Nancy Hamm worked for us for 3 months from the day we returned from the hospital with our newborn son. She manages to exude both a professional and gentle nature simultaneously.   Nancy is a virtual encyclopedia of newborn knowledge – whether we wondered about treating cradle cap, getting the baby to stop fussing, or sleep training. One very special quality Nancy has is the ability to make suggestions and provide answers when needed, while happily deferring to parents’ wishes in the event they want to take another course of action.   She will take over and do every bit of work related to the baby, if that is what the parents desire, or if the parents want to be more involved she will simply make herself available when called upon.   I’ve heard of militant baby nurses who impose their will on the entire household, but Nancy could not be more different from that stereotype.
In fact, when not taking care of the baby, you would not know Nancy was around.   She worked on a round-the-clock/24 hour basis the entire time she was with us, and prior to her arrival I was a bit concerned about how a live-in arrangement would impact my life.   It turned out I had nothing to worry about as Nancy kept an extremely low profile. When I was playing with the baby or he was sleeping, Nancy kept very much to herself, but was always at the ready to step in as soon as I needed her help. She is a lovely person and was very pleasant and engaging during the time we did interact with her.
Nancy did a wonderful job with our baby. By the time she left – and for some time before – he was sleeping 12 hours through the night and was on a simple and predictable daily schedule.   Friends and acquaintances commented on how relaxed I seemed as a first time mother and on how impressive the baby’s sleep pattern and schedule were. I attribute both my calm and the baby’s performance entirely to Nancy.
I cannot recommend Nancy more highly and intend to engage her services again when we have a second child.
Colin and Julia Sibley
January 2012  Phoenix, AZ
Where do I begin on how appreciative I am for Nancy Hamm?! Before I became pregnant, I was a well organized planner.  I planned everything out from the moment we found out we were having twins. From the outfits they’d be wearing when they came home from the hospital to having Nancy meet us as soon as we brought our twin girls to their new house. Then at 31 weeks I delivered them and my plan went out the window. After one girl spending 5 weeks in the NICU and the other one spending 13 weeks, I went from being this calm planner to a frantic new mother. When we brought our first little girl home, Nancy made me feel so reassured and gave me peace of mind that although our girls were very premature, they were still able to be sleep trained with the right schedule. She immediately started making leaps and bounds with our first one and my husband and I finally started to sleep again! Then sadly, after 13 weeks in the NICU, our other little girl passed away from an intestinal bacterial infection. My world was falling apart around me. Not only did Nancy comfort me but she put our fears at ease with our other little one by being very attentive and patient with us and her. She persevered with her and kept her on an amazing schedule while we grieved.  Without Nancy, we would have been lost. Nine weeks with Nancy and she had our little girl sleeping 12 hours! We are so grateful for everything she has done for us. She kept peace where there wasn’t any and helped us keep our sanity. Her knowledge and expertise are incredible and the information we’ve learned from her is priceless. We are forever grateful to her.
Andrea Roberts
Jan. 2011 Phone Consultation
Nancy Hamm has been an amazing source of information, comfort, and knowledge when it came to sleep training our 9 month old triplets. My husband and I were desperate for some help since NONE of our babies were sleeping through the night, and all three were on separate schedules. Nancy helped with tips on what to implement with our triplets and within 2 nights are babies were sleeping 10-12 hours at night! They previously hadn’t slept for more than 6!!! She helped us with the timing in our schedule for nap time and our daily routine, and now we have three babies who love to sleep! As soon as I contacted Nancy she gave me her contact information and was of immediate help. She knew exactly how to fix our triplets sleep problems and was extremely encouraging on what we should be doing. We are so grateful to her!!
Jan. 2011  Phone consultation
It’s Amy Mitchell, I spoke with you over a week ago, about my 3 year old daughter , Riley. Riley did amazing with the sleep training. I did begin it that Friday we spoke. So Friday night I did what you suggested. She got out of bed 279 times in an hour and a half. Quite exhausting for me, lol… She tried everything to distract me, but I was focused and kept returning her to bed. She was pissed to say the least. She woke that night and was up and down about 50 more times in 4 hours… Night 2 was better, she got out of bed initially about 15 times and in the middle of the night for a 2 hour stretch was up and down about 15 times. The 3rd night she got up 1 time initially and slept the whole night until 6 am!! Now she is sleeping all night long with no problem!! Naps are also back to normal!
Thank you so much for your time supporting my decision to sleep train Riley. I think it pushed me to do it hearing a professional tell me it was the right thing. No one said this job was easy, right! 🙂 I just wish I had done this a few weeks earlier!
Have a great day! and THANKS!!!!
Amy Mitchell
I am thankful for sleep!!
The following was posted on in Nov 2010
Tina M  Phone Consultation
This isn’t actually a question, but rather a message about how thankful I am to get the help I needed getting my little one to sleep better at night. A few weeks ago I posted a question asking for advice on how to help my 5 week old sleep better at night in between feedings (Not through the night.) Several moms responded with best wishes and some good advice. Unfortunately, some other moms did not respond in a positive manner with willingness to be supportive. This website is for construction feedback, not criticism when a mom is exhausted and emotional.
I want to give a special thank you to Nancy H, an infant sleep consultant, who gave me her contact information and was of immediate help. She was available right away with listening ears and knew exactly how to fix the problem right away. She gave me excellent advice and I was able to turn things around the first night. We are all sleeping fantastic and rested enough to enjoy my baby boy. Thank you Nancy!!!
If you are having trouble with sleeping issues, please contact me for Nancy’s contact information. She is wonderful!!!
Sept 2010 Phone Consultation
We never knew life with an infant could be like this! Nancy was AMAZING in helping us to implement a schedule and add consistency to our second child’s day. Since we had ‘been through this before we thought we knew what to do, but Cooper was incredibly fussy from 2 1/2 weeks on – not sleeping or eating with any consistency, and taking up to 2 hours to get to sleep for just 30 minutes! He was always cranky because he was so overtired, but never seemed to want to fall asleep.  From literally the first day of following Nancy’s advice we saw results and Cooper is a much happier baby because of it. He has now been sleeping 12 hours a night since 13 weeks old, and his naps are much more consistent. We feel like we have our lives and sanity back and there’s no price that can be put on that! All in all, Nancy made us a MUCH happier family!
Amy Smoragiewicz
November 9, 2010
To Whom It May Concern –
We are writing this letter of recommendation for Nancy Hamm.  She was the Newborn Care Specialist that helped us with our newborn twins from the first night we brought them home from the hospital.  Being new parents, we were grateful that Nancy was highly experienced and able to help us through all the nuances of how to swaddle them all the way to the art of sleep training them.  Thanks to Nancy, we were able to get a full night’s rest and be refreshed to truly enjoy our babies during the daytime.
Nancy is experienced, patient, and very reliable.  We did not once worry that she wasn’t going to show up to care for our babies on the nights she was scheduled to work.  In addition, she was willing to explain everything to us so that we understood what she was doing and why (specifically relative to the sleep training process).  Nancy was willing to share her opinions on how various things should be done with the babies, but she ultimately followed whatever course we decided was best for our little ones.  By the time Nancy left us, 3 months later, our twins were sleeping through the night.
We would recommend Nancy to new parents like ourselves.  Our experience with her was a positive one!
Ed and Lisa Gheen
July 23, 2010
To Whom it May Concern: Phoenix AZ
Nancy was a great help in transitioning our newborn twins into a routine that worked for our family.  We felt comfort and confidence in letting her help our newborns, and us, get into a regimen that allowed everyone to get some sleep, and piece of mind.  Even when she was not here, Nancy was always quick and receptive to our questions.  She is wealth of knowledge in dealing with multiples and her sharing of her experience and suggestions was invaluable to us.
Jason Lamm and Carey Pena (KTVK 3TV News Anchor)
From the Desk of Sarah Familian
May 7, 2010  Las Vegas, NV
To Whom It May Concern:
Being a first time mother I wanted someone to help guide me, so a friend referred Nancy to me and I am so thankful!  She has been a godsend for our family.  Right away Nancy was helpful from the moment she arrived.  She is a wonderful teacher, without being overbearing or pushy.  Teaching me so much about breast feeding, breast pumping, calming baby, sleeping, swaddling, diet, and much, much more!  She was always around when we needed her but almost invisible when not needed. To Nancy there is no stupid question and she never made me feel inadequate.
Her 24 hour help was incredible and when we moved to “evenings only” nothing changed.  She was always very professional and courteous to my wants and needs.  Because we live out of town, she stayed with us full time. Even during the “evening only” time.  This was wonderful because like before, she is invisible during the day.  Only seeing her when we passed baby Cortland to bed at night and when she brought him to me in the mornings. However, she was always available anytime to answer any question or help out if I needed!
I would highly recommend Nancy to any family.  She is not only a great teacher and nurse; she is a great person and friend.
Sarah Familian
Feb, 2010
To Whom it May Concern:  Las Vegas NV
I am writing this letter of recommendation for Nancy Hamm’s excellent service as Newborn Care Specialist.  Nancy came to care for my newborn son a few days after he was born, and provided 24 hour care for 1 month. (Jan 1 – Jan 28, 2010)
It was such a luxury to have Nancy helping out that first month!  Having her here gave me extra time to spend with my older son, pump an extra supply of milk for my freezer, and get more sleep than I would have otherwise.  It is very comforting to have someone watching over a newborn who is so knowledgeable and such a pro at all things ‘baby’.  I felt at all times that my son was in good hands, safe, happy and loved, even though I wasn’t right next to him.
Nancy took the time to share her expertise with everyone in the household, including my nanny, which was very helpful after Nancy left us.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me for further reference!
Thank you
Ingrid Goyette
November 26, 2009
To Whom it May Concern,  Phoenix, AZ
I cannot imagine what life would have been like without Nancy Hamm.  She was such a godsend to your family.  Although I have two wonderful stepchildren, this was my first born child.  I had so many questions as a new mother and Nancy was always there to help guide me.  Her experience speaks volumes.  Nancy would always offer advice but she would always preface that these were just suggestions.  It was up to us as parents to voice our concerns and make the final decision.
She was very loving to our son and we always felt he was safe in her care.  She did an amazing job of sleep training him and training me how to schedule him during the day.  I would strongly recommend hiring Nancy and welcome anyone to call me for a reference
Dionne Najafi
June 25, 2009  Phoenix, AZ
Nancy Hamm was the Newborn Care Specialist for our son Jack during his first 14 weeks of life.
Nancy was not just a Newborn Care Specialist to Jack, but she was also an amazing resource to us.  She helped me understand breastfeeding, educated us on how to create healthy eating and sleeping habits for Jack, as well as answer questions we had regarding our little one’s overall well being.  John and I always had questions or ideas about sleep training and daily routines…Nancy would always explain the pro’s and con’s, but go with what was most comfortable for us.  She kept extremely detailed notes of each night with Jack, so we knew what was going on with the little guy.
Nancy was loving, gentle, and attentive to little Jack, which was so important to us.  She was a delight to have in our home, and we knew our son was in excellent hands.
Nancy was always clean, reliable, responsible, punctual and professional.  She was even willing to come early on occasion, so that John and I could have an evening out J
We would absolutely recommend Nancy Hamm to someone that is looking for Newborn Care Specialist.  It is so obvious that she loves her job and the infants that she cares for.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We would be more than happy to elaborate on anything.
 Maja and John Langbein
Perspective Family, Phoenix, AZ
We are writing this letter on behalf of Nancy Hamm.  She helped us with our son, Max from the day we brought him home from the hospital and was such a pleasure to work with.  I had a c-section and a hard recovery and Nancy stepped right in and took charge with not only caring for Max but also supported me as I recovered.
We were extremely pleased with her services and had complete confidence in her ability to care for Max.  Nancy is very knowledgeable and worked with us on sleep training and taught us many new things, being first time parents.
We highly recommend Nancy to any parents.  Our experience was very positive and she was a pleasure to have in our home.
Natalie and Bill Rinehart
February 27, 2008 
Stacey Botz-Andy Meltz
Whom It May Concern: Phoenix, AZ
When Nancy Hamm recently requested a letter of recommendation from us, my initial reaction was simply that I would write 10 letters if I thought it would help further explain just how much she has meant to our family.
Our son, Zachary, was born October 22, 2007, six weeks premature.  His birth also happened to coincide with the completion of our new home.  When Nancy stepped into our lives, we were experiencing nothing short of domestic chaos.  We were new parents (better explained as a couple of very busy professional people who didn’t know that first thing about babies, let alone a very, very small one).  Our home was basically still under construction so we were essentially living between two homes for some time.  And then there were the holidays… sigh.
Nancy stepped in, took charge, taught us how to be parents and helped us make sense of some pretty emotionally charged, exhausting weeks.  These weeks were of course made measurable better by the full night’s sleep we were able to get because Nancy was with us.
If there is anything I can tell with absolute certainty, it is simply that she will be the best money you will spend in the first months of your new child’s life.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like a personal reference.
Stacey Boltz
PS – Yes, you really do need to learn to swaddle.  I promise.
To Whom it May Concern:  Phoenix, AZ
I highly recommend Nancy Hamm as your new born care specialist. Nancy was our new born care specialist for our twin boys January 9, 2008 to February 9, 2008 . Nancy was able to get our 9 week twin boys sleep trained in a month.
Nancy is extremely professional, organized and knowledgeable when it comes to sleep training.  In addition, she is very reliable and gets the job done!!  You will not be sorry if you hire Nancy she is amazing!!
Vicki Spitzberg
Daniel and Jessica Daniel:  Phoenix, AZ
Monday, January 01, 2007   (THIS WAS TAKEN FROM A BLOG POSTED ON THE INTERNET by the Daniel Family )
Breaking Twin News: It Was a One Feed Night!
Another update for you Duo Devotee News Junkies (DDNJs): the twins skipped a feeding last night!
In order to stay sane, we are trying to keep the twins on a consistent feeding schedule every three hours, at 1, 4, 7, and 10. Using the Nurse Nancy advice (our Newborn Care Specialist that starts tomorrow and is a sleepologist), this is how you get them to begin sleeping through the night.
Well after two days of following it in-earnest, it worked! Saturday night was bad – multiple melt downs and little sleep by anyone, but last night it worked like a charm! They went to bed at 10, they woke at 2:30 for a feeding and not again until 7! Just like Nurse Nancy said…they effectively skipped their 4 am feeding.
So we both feel great today with clear heads…a little strange for a New Year’s morning, but nice.
Newborn Care Specialist Nancy, The Sleepologist
Unfortunately all the grandparents, both aunts, a future uncle, and even the new father have to return to the real world…the help well has run dry. To help take their place, and teach the Daniel household how to sleep through the night, it is  Nancy to the rescue.
Nancy will watch the Duo from 10 pm to 6 am during the week. This will not only give us a chance to sleep, but Nurse Nancy also teaches sleep training – how to get the kiddos to sleep through the night. She seems strict…we all must follow a tight schedule. But this is just what we need. If you have ever met our dog Jack, well…no one is going to accuse Jess and I of being highly disciplined with our dependents.
Saturday, January 06, 2007
Hallelujah! We Skipped a Night Feeding!
Nurse Nancy is paying dividends in huge ways. Following her schedule, advice, and training our Daniel Duo.  They ate at 10:00 pm and did not wake until 4:30 am! They effectively skipped their 1:00 am feeding! I can’t possibly express how great this is…I’m so excited I can’t go back to sleep.
And for you conspiracy theorists, yes the baby monitor was on, and no there was no “night cap” involved. Nurse Nancy comes each night Sunday – Thursday. This Friday was the first night we had the kids without her since she started and they nearly slept through the night. She’s good and is exactly what she said she was…a sleep trainer.
Monday January 22, 2007
So Long Newborn Care Specialist Nancy
Tonight is our first weeknight without  Nancy. After 3 wonderful weeks of sleep, Nancy has moved on to share her skills with other insomnia suffering babies.
I highly recommend Nancy. Not only did she attend to the twins at night, but she taught them (code: Jess and I) how to sleep through the night. She established a schedule that the babies immediately responded to. They nearly sleep through the night at 7 weeks…there are many 1+ year olds that aren’t even doing that…and we have twins! Thanks to Nancy, she greatly reduced the stress of twins and made it a wonderful adventure to be enjoyed.
Jess went to bed early to ensure we’re set for the early morning (hopefully 5:00) when the babies wake. Stay tuned DDNJs to find out what happens!
Monday, January 22, 2007
Newborn Care Specialist Nancy Works Her Magic
Last night the twins set their all time sleep record. They ate at 10, out by 11 and slept until 5:30! In fact, Nancy said that they would have slept longer but she wanted to feed them before she left. Amazing!
They are 7 weeks old and already on a manageable sleep schedule… Nancy is a miracle worker. Tonight is her last night…we’ll have to see if she improve upon her record before she leaves.  Written by Dan and Jessica Daniel
Jan. 3, 2007  Phoenix, AZ
When I first found out that I was having twins I was shocked, and extremely scared! I called the only other person that I knew who had twins, and she told me that I had to call Nancy. I hung up and immediately called, and thank God I listened to that advice! I could rest easy there was help.
Nancy met us at home, when we brought the babies, home from the hospital, and went right into action! She walked me through everything, and bringing the twins home turned out to be easier than bringing our first baby home! Not only did she coach us on the night, but walked us through exactly what needed to happen during the day as well. She was such a good support to have those first couple months, to ask advice and always could answer a question, and if for some reason she did not have the answer she would research and come the next day with all the information!
She was also always so attentive to our four year old too, which I so appreciated in those first weeks as well. I feel it helped her to adjust to our new additions!
Nancy is the only reason I survived the first months! The day she left me was one of the saddest to date, not because our mission was not complete, but because she had become a part of my life and a comfort to have!
When she did leave at eight weeks both babies were sleeping from 7 to 7, and taking two great naps in the day! She is such a great teacher, and friend. Nancy is very confident, knowledgeable, trustworthy, professional etc… I could not say enough nice things about her! She made this a fun experience, not at all like the chaos that I had expected. I have been able to enjoy my babies! Who could ask for more than that!!
Emily McDougal
Oct 31, 2006  Phoenix, AZ
This letter is to serve as a letter of recommendation for Nancy Hamm, a Newborn Care Specialist, who has taken care of our infant boy twins for their first 3 1/2 months.
As a new mom of twins, I feared the sleepless nights and delirium that everyone had spoke about at Mothers of Multiples meetings, but at the same time, hesitated to bring a ‘stranger” into my home.  After many strong options from friends with multiples, we were sure night time help would be most beneficial to both our needs and the boys’..
During this time Nancy demonstrated exceptional knowledge, understanding, a sense of awareness and dependability that earned her our trust and gratitude.  Nancy provided complete care of our children from the moment she arrived until quietly leaving the next morning.  This was very helpful to both myself and my husband by providing us time to rest and recoup, especially for myself who was recovering from a C-Section.  Nancy is also very knowledgeable in natural/homeopathic alternatives for newborns’ needs when conventional medicine/products are not desirable.
I would recommend Nancy to any family who is seeking a loving caring compassionate Newborn Care Specialist for their infant.  Her soft voice and gentle touch has made my transition into motherhood a much more pleasant experience than I had imagined.
Jennifer Kaplan   
June 4, 2006  Phoenix, AZ
We used Nancy’s services for a period of 7 weeks for our twin boys.  They were born at 36 weeks and we were able to get Nancy the very night we brought them home. Whew!
She has a very mothering demeanor that I was very happy with and trusted her with decisions on what might be best with caring for the newborns.  She as well realized that my pediatrician may have varying advice and informed me as to when it was a good idea to check with the boys’ doctor if something was not quite right.  I appreciated her more natural approach for my boys’ ailments as well.
Nancy was always very punctual.  It was wonderful to have her support, advice and tips to assist us in learning how to care for our new arrivals.  She also was extremely helpful in needs mom had personally while recovering from C-section and breastfeeding issues.  She also gave us mothering advice with other family needs to ensure we were staying healthy and well rested.
I would strongly recommend Nancy. I don’t want to imagine what it would have been like without her guidance in those very first weeks of newborn life!!
Thank you, Nancy!
Christina Weinmann 
April 2006  Laguna Beach, CA
Thank you for the loving care you gave Charlie during the early weeks of his life.  It was truly a privilege and pleasure to have you stay with us.  We learned so much from you.  Now that we are on our own, without you as our “safety net” we have the confidence to read his cues and anticipate Charlie’s needs.  You did a terrific job in getting him on a schedule and sleeping through the night.  As you know, we’ve learned, it’s all about the swaddle.
Looking at Charlie in your arms gave me comfort.  You two had such a loving bond and I will always remember the gleaming smiles he shared with you..  You will always have a special place in our hearts
Chuck and Betsy Denham
November 2005
Nancy’s professionalism, compassion and patience is simply out of this world?  Her extensive knowledge in newborn care has taught us various swaddling techniques, feeding/nursing routines, bathing and general infant care. When I wasn’t sure who to turn to, even after her employment with us ended, she supported me through some tough days with my son and helped me come up with some real solutions.
Thank you Nancy for making us more confident first time parents.
Ivan and Orsi Teodorovic 
Sleep Training References:
What would we have done without you?  Thanks so much for keeping us sane during this transition from 2 (months) to 4 (months)!  Your kind words and amazing support is truly appreciated and won’t be forgotten. We wish you continued success and hope we can be a reference for you.  We will sing your praises.
Steve and Melissa
She slept through the night!!!!! I woke up several times and checked on her because she didn’t wake up at all!!  I actually went in and got her up at 6:30!! Then she ate 8 ounces!  Usually she eats around 5 ounces or so in the morning. She is doing so well!  And yes, my husband and I are starting to feel much more like normal people these days!  Not only that but Ellie seems to be smiling a lot more, which is the most important point!   I am so grateful that we found you when we did!  I have sent an email out to all my expecting friends letting them know how important this is to start early and gave them your name and number.  Hopefully, they listen!   Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  You honestly saved our sanity!
 I just wanted to keep you posted on the success of the girls.  (after one consultation with Nancy) the girls are now sleeping through the night…yea!!  Thank you so much for coming over to talk to me, and helping me turn the girls around.  It is so nice and easy now, and they are happier and I am happier.
Nancy is the only reason I survived the first month!  When she did leave a eight weeks both babies were sleeping for 7 to 7 and taking 2 great naps during the day.  She is such a great teacher.  She is very confident, knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional.  I could not say enough nice things about her.  She made this a fun experience, not at all like the chaos that I had expected.  Who could ask for more than that!!!
 Nancy was our Newborn Care Specialist for our twin boys for one month.  Nancy was able to get our 9 week old boys sleep trained in that month.  Nancy is extremely professional, organized and knowledgeable when it comes to sleep training.  In addition she is very reliable and gets the job done!!  You will not be sorry if you hire Nancy, she is amazing!!

David and Vickie