About Nancy



Internationally Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialist (ICANCS),

Certified Infant Sleep Consultant (CISC)

For the past 28 years, Nancy has been working hands-on with newborns as an Advanced Certified Newborn Care Specialist and has over 40,000 hours of hands-on newborn care.   She has worked with twins, triplets, quads, sextuplets, preemies, and generally the most precious children she could imagine.

Ms. Hamm says, When all is said and done, my first love and my greatest passion is the caring and nurturing of newborn babies.

Nancy also has over 2000 hours of homeopathy and acupuncture training and did her internship in Sri Lanka and Phoenix, working in a healthcare clinic as part of her apprenticeship. She has been working with herbs, homeopathy, and natural health for over 45 years.

She is the Founder of Gentle Venture’s Training Classes and has been teaching online and in-person classes through Gentle Venture’s Training Center for the last 15 years. Her classes are approved by the NCSA (Newborn Care Specialist Association) and accredited by the IMPI (International Maternity and Parenting Institute). She now has Newborn Care Specialist and Newborn Nanny courses and recently she published the first ever holistic courses and the Crunchy Mama’s Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Newborns. 

You can see her classes and get more information on https://gentleventures.com

Nancy founded the NCSA LLC (Newborn Care Specialist Association) in 2006 after it became clear there were no guidelines set for the certification of Newborn Care Specialists. She is a visionary in the field of newborn care, and through extensive research has become an expert on infant care. In 2019  Nancy surrendered her dream for the NCSA to a new set of eyes and is looking forward to what comes next.

The following is a list of Nancy’s experience: 

  • Preemie care
  • Multiples care
  • Scheduling
  • Bottle feeding  
  • Lactation help
  • Reflux/Colic
  • Sleep Training 12 weeks – 3 years.
  • Sleep Conditioning from birth. Teaching your baby to sleep through the night by 12 weeks. 
  • Round the clock duty
  • Education and support for parents (sometimes exhausted and emotionally spent)
  • Circumcision/Cord Care
  • Nursery Set up
  • Problem identification and solutions
  • Consultation on any newborn issue – Nancy can teach you how to train your baby to sleep throughout the night.  She can teach you what to do if your baby is crying, fussy, or not sleeping or all.  Just give her a call, or email her.
  • Nancy works with all new parents including  single parents, adoptive parents, surrogate families and the LGBTQ community.

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