About Nancy

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My name is Nancy Hamm, and I would love to be your Certified Newborn Care Specialist. I have been taking care of newborns for the last 28 years. My experience includes twins, triplets, preemies, reflux, sleep training, high profile clients, single parents, adoption, surrogate, and more.
 The following is a  mini interview to further evaluate your interest in pursuing a contract or a consultation with me.
If you have looked at this website you know that I am certified through the NCSA and have 28 years of experience in hands-on care of newborns. That means I have over 50.000 hours of hands on newborn care.
The NCSA is the only entity in the United States that certifies Newborn Care Specialists. Certified applicants go through stringent requirements to receive this certification.  You know you are hiring the best when you hire NCSA certified.
I have an infinite love for babies. I know babies! I know what babies want and why they act like they do. I know how to deal with difficult situations and I know how to make you life easier with scheduling routines and such.
I specialize in preemies and multiples. Much of my experience includes twins, triplets, making single babies a snap!
What you may not know about me is that I have written manuals on the care of newborns and I teach classes, that includes RN’s, LPN’s, Doula’s Midwifes, Nanny’s and other Newborn Care Specialist’s. on how to care for newborns. I have practical knowledge and I can teach you what I know to make your life easier.
I would like to tell you a little about myself to give you a clearer picture of who I am. I know it is very difficult to have a stranger come into your home whether it is for a consultation or around the clock duty. I pride myself in making myself unobtrusive but at the same time available for your baby’s every need. I would strongly suggest that you get a copy of my resume and contact anyone on it. I have always worked for the most amazing families and anyone of these will give you a very high recommendation of my work and work ethics. If I am on around the clock duty, I will keep myself occupied with the baby, nursery maintenance or helping you with baby issue, and if time allows I will read or work on my computer. I will stay to myself unless I am needed for newborn care.
I am an educator.  I have a great deal of experience in helping first time parents in the easiest way to take care of your newborn.  I can teach you how to have a low maintenance baby, if that is what you want. I will give you hints and suggestions. It is up to you to follow them.  I will never push you to do things the way ‘I want’.  I love my job and consider myself an advocate for babies.   I will always do what is best for the baby and you.
I do travel for night duty sleep training only. I would have to stay with you, but you will not know I am there unless you need me. I generally tour/shop during the day. You do not supply any meals for me if I work only night duty. I can help you out during the day if needed.  Many parents like the fact that they can access me at any time during the day for help if needed. Please see my reference letters as I have done this and it worked out very well for the family.
If I am working in Phoenix and coming in for night only duty, I like to spend the first ½ hour or so discussing your day with the baby and answering any questions you may have concerning the baby. I can also let myself in, if you had a long day and would like to be in bed by the time I get there. I will lovingly care for your baby during the night, waking him if necessary to fed. When the baby is sleeping I will be resting.     I will stay in your guest room or in a bed in the baby’s room. I generally work for 10 PM – 6 AM unless you require longer hours.  If I work until 6 AM, I generally feed the baby at 5:30 AM so you can get another 3 hours of sleep after I leave. I generally let myself out.  Upon rising you will find a detailed log of the previous night filled out.
I love my job and I have always worked for wonderful, gracious families and I hope you will consider me for the first 1-2 weeks of your baby’s life. If I come to teach your baby to sleep  I use very gentle, no cry methods. However do not misunderstand me, crying is an inevitable conclusion to changing a habit so crying will happen.  I am as gentle as possible.  When my contract is up you will be able to continue to sleep through the night peacefully, knowing your baby will not wake if you are consistent with what I have taught you.
Life is what you make it and I make mine good….allow me do the same for you.