Nancy is a Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Night Nanny, Night Nurse or Baby Nurse (not an RN) who can bring consistency, peace, and serenity into your new parenting experience.  Multiples, preemies, colic, reflux, feeding, swaddling and soothing are just a few of what Nancy’s magic hands do and can teach you to do.

Welcome to Your Peaceful Life – Sleep is in your future

Are you sleep deprived, can’t see the possibility of even one good night’s sleep?  If your child is over 2 months old and still not sleeping through the night I can help.  Gentle Sleep Conditioning methods used.  Call now for a short consultation.

Not only is Nancy an expert at what she does, she is also very trustworthy and we felt very much at ease having her in our home and working with our daughter.  She is very knowledgeable and will advise without passing judgment.
Ryan and Valerie McDonough

I respect the fact that Nancy is continually learning and educating herself to be better.  You don’t always find that in someone who has been in their profession for as long as she has.
Graham and Ruby DeLeat

Plain and simple Nancy is an expert in caring for newborns.  She is warm, friendly, and a person you can trust with your child.  We can’t wait to have a second baby just so we can hire her again.  That’s how strongly we feel about Nancy and beneficial her time was with us.
Jamie and Babak Motamedi

Her soft voice and gentle touch has made my transition into motherhood a much more pleasant experience than I had imagined”.
Jennifer Kaplan

Nancy Hamm is a seasoned parenting consultant, highly qualified and educated Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Baby Nurse* or Night Nanny and Infant Sleep Consultant. She has over 28 years of on-the-job newborn experience.  She is respected and loved by her colleges and clients. Nancy resides in Phoenix,  Arizona but travels anywhere for newborn care.  She will bring peace and organization into your hectic new life. If you are looking for someone to just get you started, Nancy is the best bet if you want a great start.   The following is a list of  Nancy’s experience

  • Preemie care
  • Multiples care
  • Scheduling
  • Bottle feeding  
  • Lactation help 
  • Reflux/Colic
  • Teach your baby to sleep through the night by 12 weeks of age
  • Round the clock duty
  • Education and support for parents – sometimes exhausted and emotionally spent
  • Circumcision/Cord Care
  • Nursery Set up
  • Problem identification and solutions
  • Consultation on any newborn issue Nancy can teach you how to train your baby to sleep throughout the night.  She can teach you what to do if your baby is crying, fussy or not sleeping or all.  Just give her a call.  602-412-8497
  • Nancy also works with single parents, adoptive parents, surrogate families and the LGBTQ community.
    NOTE:  For the parents who are worried about missing out on bonding with their infant at night….the only thing you will miss out on is feeding your baby.  I do not snuggle,  cuddle or bond with your baby at night.  My job is to teach your baby to go directly back to sleep after the feed so they can then learn how to sleep through the night.


A Newborn Care Specialist can be a wonderful asset when you arrive home with your newborn. Her services are priceless when she leaves 12 weeks later and your evenings are yours to share with your other children or your spouse.  You will feel more confident in your newborn care skills and you will be well on your way to a well integrated family structure. Even if you decide to gift yourself with only a couple of weeks of help, the education you will receive and the rest you will get for those two weeks will have your friends envious.

*Nancy Hamm is not an RN.  Baby Nurse is simply one of the names given to people who care for newborns.